ACAS Inaugural Conference Rescreening Schedule, 9am & 4pm, July 12-August 4, 2021, Hong Kong time

The Inaugural Conference of the Association for Chinese Animation Studies was originally held online between March 1 and May 12, 2021 (Hong Kong time). We had 70 speakers and 553 public registrants from 32 countries and regions. Here is the trailer for the conference: 

The rescreening will take place between July 12 and August 4, 2021 (Hong Kong time). Each panel will be rescreened at two different time slots on that day: 9am-12noon and 16:00pm-19:00pm, Hong Kong time. Each time slot will have a designated Zoom ID. Please use the same Zoom ID at the designated time slot for all panels.       

09:00am Session:

Meeting ID: 942 3289 8076

Passcode: IAS21acas

16:00pm Session:

Meeting ID: 942 5540 4775

Passcode: IAS21acas


Rescreening Program:

July 12 (Monday): Panel 1: Keynote Speeches, chaired by Daisy Yan Du, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong SAR

July 13 (Tuesday): Panel 3: Early Animation and Cartoons before 1949, chaired by Yingjin Zhang, University of California, San Diego, USA 

July 14 (Wednesday): Panel 4: Animation in Socialist China, chaired by Stephi Hemelryk Donald, Monash University Malaysia, Malaysia 

July 15 (Thursday): Panel 5: Legacy of the 1980s, chaired by Paola Voci, University of Otago, New Zealand

July 16 (Friday): Panel 6: Independent Animation in China, chaired by Thomas Lamarre, University of Chicago, USA

July 19 (Monday): Panel 7: Animators’ Perspectives: Women and Independent Animation (in English and Chinese), chaired by Yiman Wang, University of California, Santa Cruz, USA 

July 20 (Tuesday): Panel 8: Chinese Animation, Children, and Adults, chaired by Wendy Larson, University of Oregon, USA

July 21 (Wednesday): Panel 9: Theorizing Chinese Animation and the World, chaired by Alex Zahlten, Harvard University, USA

July 22 (Thursday): Panel 10: Digitality, CGI, and VR Animation in China, chaired by Yomi Braester, University of Washington, Seattle, USA   

July 23 (Friday): Panel 11:  Film Screening and Animators’ Perspectives (in Chinese and English): chaired by Daisy Yan Du, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong SAR

July 26 (Monday): Panel 12: The Invention of Traditions in Chinese Animation, chaired by John Crespi, Colgate University, USA

July 27 (Tuesday): Panel 13: Animation and Cartoon in China, chaired by Christopher Rea, University of British Columbia, Canada  

July 28 (Wednesday): Panel 14: Chinese Animation and Live Action, chaired by Jason McGrath, University of Minnesota, USA

July 29 (Thursday): Panel 15: Border-Crossings: Chinese/Japanese Animation, chaired by Sharalyn Orbaugh, University of British Columbia, Canada     

July 30 (Friday): Panel 16: Animation Research, Education, and Publication in Mainland China (in Chinese), chaired by Weihua Wu, Communication University of China, PRC 

August 2 (Monday): Panel 17: Animation in Taiwan, chaired by Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto, Waseda University, Japan

August 3 (Tuesday): Panel 18: Animation in Hong Kong and Singapore, chaired by Marc Steinberg, Concordia University, Canada  

August 4 (Wednesday): Panel 19: Animators’ Perspectives: Independent Animated Filmmaking in the Digital Age (in English and Chinese), chaired by Zhen Zhang, New York University, USA & Best Student Paper Award Ceremony  

For the detailed abstracts and speakers’ bios, please check the original conference program:

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