Welcome to the official website of the Association for Chinese Animation Studies (ACAS), the leading scholarly and public organization dedicated to introducing and promoting Chinese animation to the English-speaking world.

ACAS publishes all kinds of academic and popular writing related to Chinese animation, including but not limited to articles, short essays, book reviews, dissertation reviews, film reviews, interviews, reports, and blogs. By Chinese animation, we mean animated films made in greater China, which includes mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, and Chinese diasporic communities around the world. Chinese animation also includes films made solely or partially by ethnic Chinese or Chinese-speaking animators, even if the films are not officially labeled as Chinese. In addition to animated film, ACAS is interested in publishing writing about cartoons, comics, lianhuan hua (linked pictures), toys, and other cultural products or activities closely related to Chinese animation.

As a major platform that connects animation studios, animators, fans, researchers and teachers around the world, we encourage studios and animators to submit their own profiles to us to increase the visibility of Chinese animation in the English-speaking world. Since we are building bibliographies about Chinese animation studies, we invite researchers to submit bibliographic entries (on journal articles and books), preferably with an abstract (under 500 words) to us. Researchers are also welcome to submit their profiles to us in order to connect with other scholars in the same field. We especially encourage teachers to submit their syllabi and share their teaching experience with the community. Lastly, we welcome postings about job opportunities, intern/volunteer positions, conference or journal calls for papers, and other activities related to Chinese animation.

We prefer submissions in English, but Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and other language submissions are likewise welcome, as we can translate them into English upon acceptance. We adopt the Chicago Manual of Style (16th edition) for academic writing. We do not accept simultaneous submissions, so all creative submissions should not be considered elsewhere. Please send your submissions, comments, and suggestions to acas@ust.hk.

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The contents of this website reflect only their authors’ opinions and are not endorsed by the site owners.


Daisy Yan Du, Associate Professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong  


John Crespi, Professor, Colgate University, USA

Yiman Wang, Professor, University of California-Santa Cruz, USA


Weihong Bao, Associate Professor, University of California-Berkeley, USA
Yuanyuan Chen, Lecturer, Ulster University, UK
John Crespi, Associate Professor, Colgate University, USA
Stephanie Hemelryk Donald, Professor, University of New South Wales, Australia
Mary Ann Farquhar, Emeritus Professor, Griffith University, Australia
Winnie Fu, Programmer, Hong Kong Film Archive, Hong Kong
Rolf Giesen, Screenwriter and Author, Berlin, Germany
Li Guo, Associate Professor, Utah State University, USA
Gigi Tze-yue Hu, Independent Scholar and Author, USA
Nicole Huang, Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Thomas LaMarre, Professor, McGill University, Canada
Haiyan Lee, Professor, Stanford University, USA
John Lent, Professor, Temple University, USA
Hua Li, Associate Professor, Montana State University, USA
Jie Li, Associate Professor, Harvard University, USA 
Jinying Li, Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh, USA
Liang Luo, Associate Professor, University of Kentucky, USA
Sean McDonald, Assistant Professor, University of Florida, USA
Teri J. Silvio, Associate Research Fellow, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Hongmei Sun, Assistant Professor, George Mason University, USA
Paola Voci, Associate Professor, University of Otago, New Zealand
Yiman Wang, Associate Professor, University of California, Santa Cruz, USA
Weihua Wu, Professor, Communication University of China, Beijing, China
Lanjun Xu, Associate Professor, National University of Singapore, Singapore


Andrew Jones, Professor, University of California-Berkeley, USA
Jason McGrath, Associate Professor, University of Minnesota, USA

Noriko Mochinaga, Member of Japan Society for Studies in Cartoons and Comics (JSSCC), Japan
Kōsei Ono, Chairman of Japan Society for Studies in Cartoons and Comics (JSSCC), Japan
Sharalyn Orbaugh, Professor, University of British Columbia, Canada
Laikwan Pang, Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Zhen Zhang, Associate Professor, New York University, USA

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