Copyright Issues Related to the China Film Archive, Panel 2

Some conference participants have violated the viewing regulations and photographed and/or video-recorded the early animated films shared by the China Film Archive at the online Inaugural Conference of the Association for Chinese Animation Studies on March 2, 2021. If you see anyone showing and circulating these images in public without authorization, please email us immediately at     

Also, if conference participants who have watched these films publish papers about them, they need to acknowledge the ACAS Inaugural Conference and the China Film Archive in their publications as a standard professional courtesy.        

Let us work together to create a positive intellectual sharing environment. Below are the early animated films shared by the China Film Archive at the ACAS Inaugural Conference on March 2. 

Panel 2: 9:00am-11:00am, March 2 (Tuesday, Hong Kong time), Screening of Early Animated Shorts by China Film Archive (not open to the public, exclusive to invited conference speakers and HKUST HUMA 3201 students only), chaired by Zhen Zhang, New York University, USA

The Mouse and the Frog (cel, Wan Brothers, 1934)

Songs of Resistance 2 (cel, Wan Brothers, 1938)

Songs of Resistance 5 (cel, Wan Brothers, 1939)

The Kite (cel, Liang Jin, 1944)

Dreaming to be Emperor (puppet, Chen Bo’er, 1947)

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