Female Animation Director Lin Wenxiao (1935-2023) Passed Away on June 7, 2023

LIN Wenxiao (1935-2023) passed away on June 7, 2023, only half a year later after her husband Yan Dingxian (1936-2022) passed away in December 2022. Lin graduated from the Beijing Film Academy in 1953 and immediately joined the Shanghai Animation Film Studio, where she worked as animation designer and director. She was key animator for Little Tadpoles Look for Mama (Xiao kedou zhao mama, ink-painting animation, 1960), Uproar in Heaven (Danao tiangong, 1961-1964, cel animation), The Herd Boy’s Flute (Mudi, ink-painting animation, 1963), Nezha Conquers the Dragon King (Nezha naohai, cel animation, 1979), and more. She worked as film director for Snow Boy (Xue haizi, cel animation, 1980), Golden Monkey Conquers the Demon (Jinhou xiangyao, cel animation, 1985), Jiazi the Boy Saves the Deer (Jiazi jiu lu, cel animation, 1985), The Deer-Girl (Lu nü, cel animation, 1993), The White Egg (Baise de dan, cel animation, 1995), and others. She has won a Golden Rooster Award, Government’s Award, and is a twelve-time winner of the Calf Award, and in addition has won several awards at various international film festivals.

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